I Was Alcohol-Free for 30 Days, and Here’s What Happened

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I am passionate about cooking. No matter how tired I am from my day job, I go straight to the kitchen once I get home.

While I cook, part of the process is to drink 4 cans of beer. As I prepare my ingredients, until I start lighting the flame on my gas burner, I slowly lift my ice-cold beer to my lips in staggered calculated sips.

As soon as I am done cooking and serving dinner, I am also done drinking my 4 beers. Then after dinner, I drink another 4 cans throughout the evening before going to bed.

Although I drink 8 cans of beer each night on weekdays and 12 cans of beer during the weekends, I believe I’m not a problem drinker, nor do I consider myself an alcoholic.

Then last month, I decided to avoid alcohol for 30 days and find out what would happen. Below is a brief summary of what happened.

I Slept Better

I didn’t sleep well for the first five days.

On the first day of my abstinence, I couldn’t sleep until midnight. The same thing happened the following day. Heck, I was dreaming half-awake on the third day.

Although I was sleeping for a shorter period, I felt more refreshed compared with my regular sleep with alcohol upon waking up in the morning.

Finally, on the 9th day, I fell into a deep slumber, and I woke up refreshed the following morning like never before. The next days, I fell asleep faster, deeper, and better.

I Felt Better

I woke up feeling better. I felt mentally sharper rather than feeling sluggish and sleepy in the morning.

My sensory reflex improved as well. And I wasn’t anxious and overwhelmed at work as I usually do.

Instead of becoming sleepy in the afternoon, I was surprised by how much energy I had. As a result, I could finish more tasks and accept more assignments.

I Saved Money.

A beer costs a dollar per can. Doing the math for 30 days, I saved more than $300. It may not be substantial, but if I include the money I have spent drinking daily for a decade, the amount would be staggering.

I Finished 4 Novels

I am a bookworm. But I stopped reading since I started my nightly escapade with alcohol.

On my sobriety, I spent the time reading instead. Drinking consumes 4 hours each night, and for 30 days, I read four novels.


Based on the hard evidences I got from my experiment, no doubt quitting alcohol is worth it.

The time I wasted consuming this substance is quite a revelation. With the time I squandered, I could have used it more productively. I could have hustled and made more money, I could have read more books, or I could have done things that would significantly improve myself.

Will I go back drinking?

Nahhhh, I won’t go back. I just started my 5th novel and the sense of gaining back my time, money, health, or life, in general, is invaluable.



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